Project # 7: Final Project Promos

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Producer: Asmaa Al Zohairy
Music: Lucky Number 7 by SaReGaMa (

Here is the video promo accompanied with photos as well:

Producer: Asmaa Al Zohairy
Photos by: Asmaa Al Zohairy and Yara Saeed

Coming up is this audio documentary on the different frame of thoughts among AUC students now compared to 20 to 30 years ago.

Join the JMC (Journalism and Mass Communications) radio class to listen to more stories on the history of AUC on December 6th and 9th from 10:00 to 11:15 am in room C114 BEC building, AUC new campus in Kattamya.

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Project # 5 Radio News Wrap

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digital conference 2

An Israeli researcher was denied the participation in the Digital Culture conference held in Alexandria end of October. Photo courtesy: Ahmed Essmat (Amwag Sakandria)

digital culture conference

The Digital Culture conference held in Alexandria from October 27th till October 31st. Photo courtesy: Ahmed Esmat (Amwag Sakandria)

Alexandrian city in Egypt has hosted the “Digital Culture” conference for the first time. The subject matter might be new for a conference to be held in Egypt, but a stand against Israeli participation is not. Asmaa Al Zohairy has more on the story.

Israeli presence in any type of Arab conferences has always been an issue. The digital culture conference that was recently held in the Palais des Gourmets in Alexandria expressed its rejection to such presence. The conference’s secretariats have declined the request of an Israeli researcher to participate with her paper on digital literature.

Ahmed Shablool, the conference’s manager, says the conference has a clear stand on that matter.

Sound Byte (SB):
Shablool: of course we reject any kind of normalization with Israel at least at the time and that is the decision of all Egyptian writers and those who accept the normalization and go visit Israel are nailed down by the media.(:18)

Shablool said that to his surprise the researcher showed her understanding to the secretariat’s decision.

Similar stands against dealing with Israel on many levels are present in even one of the most liberal universities in Egypt, the American University in Cairo or (AUC). Over a year ago, rumor had it that there was an Israeli scholar participating in an academic conference that was held there. AUC denied such a premise.

Political science professor at the AUC, Ibrahim Elnur, says that the university looks at this issue differently.

Elnur: I think the university is not having a very strong stand but it does have a certain respect for the environment in which it is operating. (:10)

Elnur says that there is always this dichotomy between the public and official stands. This differs from time to time and depends on the events going on.

Elnur: In the post Oslo time, optimism was very high and normalization started to get some kind of understanding if not support but still among the intellectuals and educated people but it failed to and now we are back to almost to square one in terms of Israeli Arab relations. Then we have these terrible events in Gaza, which brought again the strong sentiment against any type of normalization. (:25)

He says there is also this hypocrisy about the issue as some scholars are not boycotting conferences taking place outside the region with Israeli participation, but they refuse such a thing to happen inside the region.

Elnur: this is the nature of populism as a policy as politics which is taking a stand that will support any of the majority irrespect of whether this majority is taking the rational thing or not so you don’t you want to be in the minority even if it is rational to be in the minority. (:20)

The stand of the Alexandrian conference secretariats is not the first in face of the normalization issue. Situations and events in the region will always dictate how Israeli-related issues would be dealt with.

This is Asmaa Al Zohairy for AUC Radio.

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Listening Journal #1: Public Radio (NPR)

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National Public Radio, created in 1970, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization that serves as a national syndicator to 797 public radio station in the US.

National Public Radio, created in 1970, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization that serves as a national syndicator to 797 public radio station in the US.

Listening to 2 features on NPR and critiquing them on these criteria:

  1. Title of the feature
  2. Who produced the feature? (One or more persons)
  3. Length of the feature
  4. Describe the feature.
  5. Was the feature interesting?
  6. Quality of the sound? Use of nat sound.
  7. Quality of the announcer’s voice?
  8. Was the feature too long?  Too short?
  9. Other observations/suggestions (for example, ease of use of the website; also use examples to help illustrate your point(s))

Feature #1

1-      Title: Terrorism Plot Suspects to Appear in Federal Court

2-      Producer(s): By: Dina Temple-Raston

3-      Length: 3:56

4-      Description of feature: It is a news kind of feature where the presenter was interviewing a reporter on the incident of the FBI arrest of 3 men who were suspected to be terrorists and the release of them thereafter.

5-      The feature was interesting for me because of the presenter’s questions that the interviewee herself admitted were good and important. It also gave the important information as directly as possible so there was no way for me to get bored or anything. I got the details of the people and the places where they belong or of which they were planning to attack and the places where they were going to court.

6-      The quality of the sound was amazing. I could hear the 2 announcers very clearly except that in the middle there was a stumble in the recorder. Barely was there any use of NAT sound.

7-      The quality of the announcers’ voices was good. Neither was their voice unbearable nor so good to listen to. It was just fine.

8-      The feature length was suitable for the type of news it was reporting. Not too short and not too long.

9-      I would have suggested using some NAT sound of the arrest may be like the police car sound or the sound of people tumble and fighting the police at the beginning of the feature or some happy sounds at the announcement of the suspects’ release as a transition in the middle of it. I liked the fact that the website gives the thrust of the story written as a lead in for the story.

Feature #2

1-      Title: Coco Chanel: The Orphan who Transformed Fashion

2-      Producer(s): there was about 15 people producing the Morning Edition. By Susan Stamberg

3-      Length: 7:19

4-      Description: It is a feature covering or advancing the screening of a new film telling the story of the legendary fashion designer Chanel. The feature has a character called Fontaine whom the reporter is talking to or quoting. It also has quotes that Chanel said one day.

5-      The feature was very interesting indeed. The presence of this other character kept me following the story, especially with her French accent. Also, the reporter inserted some NAT sound from the movie may be (they were French talks) in the middle of the feature.

6-      The quality of the sound was very good.

7-      So was the quality of the announcers’ voices, both the presenter and the reporter. The other third interviewee’s voice quality was also good.

8-      The feature was a little bit long. It could have been shorter so that it doesn’t give too much of what the movie is going to be like. For me, the film is almost burned. I know the story and eveything. Only if I was interested in the visuals, I’d go see it, but what if I wasn’t?

9-      My suggestion would be introducing the woman talking to the reporter or at least make it clear whether it was a live interview or it was some audio clipping. Introduce her as in her identity, how related she was to the story of the movie.

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