Project # 7: Final Project Promos

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Producer: Asmaa Al Zohairy
Music: Lucky Number 7 by SaReGaMa (

Here is the video promo accompanied with photos as well:

Producer: Asmaa Al Zohairy
Photos by: Asmaa Al Zohairy and Yara Saeed

Coming up is this audio documentary on the different frame of thoughts among AUC students now compared to 20 to 30 years ago.

Join the JMC (Journalism and Mass Communications) radio class to listen to more stories on the history of AUC on December 6th and 9th from 10:00 to 11:15 am in room C114 BEC building, AUC new campus in Kattamya.


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Project # 4 Interview/profile on FeldenKrais Practitioner, Carol Ann Clouston

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The Feldenkrais method, introduced by Ukranian Moshe Feldenkrais in the 60s and 70s, is a somatic education method aimed at increasing self awareness through movement as it mainly focuses on the relation between movement and thought.

An interview with Feldenkrais practitioner, Carol Ann Clouston
Interviewer: Asmaa Al Zohairy
Interviewee: Carol Ann Clouston
Length of Interview: 5:00 mints

Introduction (Lead):
Truly one of few inspirational teachers, and has definitely been influential to me. Carol Ann Clouston, my voice and speech teacher at AUC, is the person who opened up my mind to the idea of not always having to throw away my ways of doing something in order to learn how to do it, but rather being aware of other alternative ways is what makes it come through. The Feldenkrais “Awareness Through Movement” technique is how she makes such a notion come about. When my recorder died the 1st time I interviewed her, she was the most soothing person on earth telling me “everything happens for a reason, may be it is meant for us to get together again sometime for another same interview”.

Q1: Who is the person who helped shape who Carol Ann is now?
Q2: What is a life-changing experience that you have been through?

Thank you, Carol Ann!!

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Celebrity Obsession Podcast. Inspired by “The One Minute Writer”

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This nice creative blog “The One Minute Writer” was a real good suggestion from my professor to find some topics and ideas for my podcast. It has been stressing on linking back to it, but I would have done that anyway, for credit of course and because I really liked the idea on which it is based. So, yeah I guess you too should have a look at it and get inspired.
Its writing prompt for the day was about obsession. The question was: Have you ever been a little obsessed with a celebrity (even as a kid)? If so, write about it. If not, why do you think you’ve escaped celebrity obsessions?

Check out my response 😉

When I first read that the day’s prompt on The One Minute Writer is obsession, I was like yaay I have lots of those that will keep me going on and on, but good that I read the question you know! so celebrity obsession in particular? I think I have never been so obsessed with a certain celebrity when I was little, or may be my obsession was a little different. I would be enamored with a star, but I would keep this obsession to myself in the sense that I wouldn’t ask a friend to go with me to their movies when they are out in the theaters or buy posters of them and what not. The way i would express my love for them is by simply reading about their lives and their biographies and see how they came to be the people they are now or then.. and in fact I am still enamored with some of the celebrities I used to be crazy about a couple of years ago and now I can remember some that I now wonder how the hell I even liked or they are not so wow any more for me to have been keeping on watching their movies or following their news. One of those celebrities that I was in love with when an adolescent, but can barely stand is Richard Gere; whereas Soad Hosny, this great amazing beautiful Egyptian actress has been my lifetime favorite celebrity with whom no one can compete. And I will see how this whole obsession matter is going to develop later in my life. You never know!

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