Final Project: Audio Documentary on the History of AUC

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Tahrir Square Downtown Cairo at night. Photo by Yara Saeed

AUC History: Changing Frame of Thought

Length of documentary: 11:26 minutes
Produced by Asmaa Al Zohairy

Brief summary:
This documentary is about how the mentality of the students of the American University in Cairo has changed over the years. It looks at the students’ frame of thought in the 50s, 80s and 90s through the eyes of AUC alumni of whom some are back to give back to the university.

Louise Greiss
Maha Saleh
Mona Amer
Ibrahim El Batout

Occiderient by Chriss Onac
Lucky Number Seven by SaReGaMa & Hamelin Beringnier


  1. Hany Abdelkawi said,

    Well done Asmaa!

    However, the change is not only about religious views and acceptance of difference. It is extended to the quality of the students. It is been deteriorating over the past few year. Students are less social, and less educated!

  2. Abdelrahman Mahmoud said,

    Yeaa .. we do live in a bubble 😀

  3. azohairy said,

    Thank you, Hany. And I agree with you on the students’ “quality” thing. It was sort of mentioned in one of the soundbites … It is too sad!

  4. azohairy said,

    Good one ya 3abdo 😀 where else could we live??

  5. samy said,

    i dont trut any girl in cairo or any boy too they all not virgin

  6. samy said,

    soory but el tahir squre = da3ara squre

  7. azohairy said,

    Excuse me, but what does that have to do with the history of AUC? And what is the relationship between virginity and trusting?!

    Thank your comment at any case.

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