Swine flu closure AGAIN? Mercy please!

November 7, 2009 at 10:34 pm (Weekly Posts) (, , , , , )

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Natheef has announced next feast’s vacation to be 10 days to include some extra days off for all schools and universities. The decision has been made “in a continuous effort” to contain the spread of the swine flu. The vacation is extended to December 5th.

This means that there will be another week off after school is officially resumed.

I say “please not again”! We, as the students of The American University in Cairo (AUC), have been already cramped up paying for the week we had been given at the beginning of the semester right after the first feast Muslims have, “The Fetr Feast”.

The media sources are talking about the government’s making sure that exam times for all other classes in the Egyptian education system are set to be on time with no change due to the expected vacation.

I wonder what the first set of days off has done to alleviate the spread of the flu. Nothing. The sixth case has died a couple of days ago, and it was a student. Why do I have the feel that we, Egyptians, are over-reacting to the whole flu issue?

It seems that we cling to any thing that would give extra days with no work. It seems as if we hate to see things getting done and achieved. It is making me so furious that I am starting to feel pathetic worrying too much about it!



  1. doudz said,

    You know Asmaa, Egyptians are really over- reacting.
    All schools, colleges in the whole world begin and continue their academic year without delaying as we did in Egypt. I know people in Canada and US who study normally. There are no worries against swine flu there. I hope this semester ends peacefully, we all want to graduate !
    Good luck dear 🙂

  2. Abdelrahman said,

    the MUSC 200 Dr. said that the Egyptian government is being haled in the international community because of the extreme measures they are taking, given that they don’t have the resources to combat such epidemic. I just hope it doesn’t end up to be more than 1 week, because, I heard a string rumor that the government is discussing the possibility of closing schools for a month!

  3. azohairy said,

    It is silly I know, but in the email the university sent about this swine flu case at AUC, they said in the e mail that the vacation will not be extended and we will be back on Dec 1st… I am not sure though how they ll stick to such a decision!! We ll see…
    But same here doudou, I want this semester to be over ba2a!!

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