Chinese-Made Virginity Kit: A Reflection of Double Standards?

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Women's virginity in Egypt is sanctioned. For a woman to get married, her husband has to be the first guy she has an affair with. A virginity kit would allow her to fool around with him, as Chinese have concluded.

Women's virginity in Egypt is sanctioned. For a woman to get married, her husband has to be the first guy she has an affair with. A virginity kit would allow her to fool around with him, as Chinese have concluded.

I don’t know where to start. The topic has become a bit old now, but I was trying to form any opinion on it or gain some insights. Time didn’t help. A virginity kit? A Chinese virginity kit exported to Middle East countries? That is one side of the story. Egypt lawmakers are banning it; that is the other side. That is all that was on the news. In between, lie all the confusion and disturbances in my mind. You can read more details on the story here.

What are the implications of having such a product made? What is it that they, the production company Gigimo, were thinking of this part of the world? What is really the image they have about it? What does that really say? What does it say about our, Egyptians, culture?

The release of this product is doing nothing but giving me negative answers to all of these questions.

Yes, virginity is an essential requirement for marriage in the Egyptian culture, but is it the physical actual concrete concept of virginity represented in an un-penetrated hymen or is in the abstract meaning of virginity as in chastity and abstinence by the virtue of it?

How far have we gone with conservatism? Because I believe that this culture has become so conservative that its values have become superficial and fake. Why don’t we just be honest with ourselves and make our beliefs come to peace with our actions?

I am sure the product has a market here in Egypt or the Middle East in general. The company must have been thinking “if these people are too concerned with their women’s virginity, why not let them have it”. It is all about demand in business. But, then we have the law makers and the religious leaders calling for the ban of it. I must say I agree, but not as much on the ban itself as it is on the production of the commodity in the first place, for it is simply obviously calling for deception. What I am calling for is owing up to one’s actions and beliefs because virginity as a matter of fact is a decision that one takes full responsibility for.

However and at the same time, the super ultra concern about virginity makes me tolerate this kit idea for those girls and women who might lose their lives over a rape incident that they can’t report or even utter a word about it to anyone.

The whole matter left me wondering to which direction this culture is going.



  1. Mohammed Yahia said,

    Nice post!

    I was actually explaining to a friend that we need to move from our understanding of virginity as a hymen to a state of being.

    The Chinese kit is not the first product on the Egyptian market to fake a hymen. There are operations etc. Nor is premarital sex the only way to lose a hymen.

    But we also must keep in mind that every society has some quirks. This is one of out quirks. Is it right? Definitely not. But it is there, and we have to accept it is there. This is not exclusive to us. Every single society, including Western, Chinese, Japanese etc, have quirks that others would find outright weird.

    This is one of our quirks and while we need to change it, change does not come over night.

    I believe we need to have strong education that the hymen is not a judge of virginity, that virginity is meant to be something higher. We need to understand that, even if a girl had premarital sex, she should have a chance at redemption (if she, according to her beliefs, feels she has done something wrong) just as a guy is given that chance in society.

    But until we reach that state, I welcome the Chinese product for two reasons. First, it will facilitate that change as people reduce the weight of importance they put on the hymen. Secondly, it offers a chance to girls who want a genuine second chance. Which they deserve, pretty much like any other guy.

    My 2 cents 🙂

  2. azohairy said,

    I believe what you are saying makes complete and utter sense to me. It is a quirk and we just need to admit it! And I have to express my appreciation for seeing a guy who holds this opinion on such a hot topic, where men’s views are pretty expected! So I guess you made my day for that! Makes me feel there is hope! And thanks for the topic!

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