Absolute “Right” and “Wrong” Don’t Exist ,,, in my opinion at least.

October 4, 2009 at 1:59 am (Weekly Posts) (, , , , , , , )

The "right' and "wrong" are absolutely relative. Their measures and criteria differ from one person to another, for they are the ones who draw the line and create in the first place.

I think I have had no point in my life where I was thinking well, this is right and this is wrong. May be it varied in degrees, but now I am having its highest at college.

In my every day talks with my friends and colleagues I am hearing statements such as “He did the “right” thing!” or “You should be doing it this way”. And I simply don’t get it! Who decides what is right from wrong anyway? And isn’t the “right” and “wrong” differ from one place to another and from one time to another? What is considered right in my culture or where I live might be completely wrong and unacceptable somewhere else.

Thanks to my first sociology class in college that introduced me to the term “relativism”. In this course’s context it was “cultural relativism”, but I have come to realize what this word means in a broader sense. I have found it so broad that it can actually apply to every aspect of our lives.

In fact, it bothers me so much seeing people around me who take it on themselves to preach and be other people’s guidance to the “right” way of doing things and living. I believe that everybody has their own set of “rights” and “wrongs” that doesn’t necessarily have to be imposed on others. In other words, I think that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want to believe in, but in return they have to respect other people’s way of seeing and dealing with things so long as they are not offensive in any way.

It is all a matter of “live and let live” as Dr. Moshira, one of my favorite professors in college, once said.

You have a chance of listening to a song, that best conveys what I am trying to say here, called “They” by Jem:


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