When rules are followed blindly …

October 3, 2009 at 12:22 am (Weekly Posts) (, , , , , , , )

Egyptian subway: Public transportation can't be more crowded, so what did the extra week do to contain the flu?

Egyptian subway: Public transportation can't be more crowded, so what did the extra week do to contain the flu?

So the Egyptian government took the decision of delaying schools and universities one week to take the necessary measures to contain the increasing number of swine flu cases. Though AUC is a private university that has already started a couple of weeks before El Fetr Feast, it had to comply with this decision and give us an extra unplanned-for week off.

What has made this decision so strange to me is that the university has already been in action, and when some cases were discovered during the summer, it took the precautions and gave us about a week off.

So, my week of this swine flu closure has been full of complaints and a lot of nonsense going around me. Anytime I go out of the house to the nearest place, I stay in the car for not less than half an hour going and another half an hour coming back. Everyone is just out in the streets. I was wondering if the government postponed schools fearing that too many people would gather in one place, well, this has already been the case all around the city’s coffee shops and closed areas. Take the transportation as an example; they can’t be any more congested.

What made me even more furious was the rumor that this semester might be called off and school would start in January as some countries like Amman did. I kept thinking about how the university would deal with those graduating this semester, of which I am one. One solution a friend of mine came up with, and that was distance learning. At least for the graduating seniors. And I thought it wasn’t such a bad idea since some of my class-work has been already done or completed via distance communication with my professors.

As for my own benefits from this week, I am not so sure if it was so productive, but I can surely recall some of my exploits. I had the greatest chance to practice my favorite hobby and go to the gym regularly, and meet real nice people whom I rarely see during the semester. I also had sometime to catch up with some of my non-academic for my pleasure readings. And we’ll see what else the semester is hiding for us.


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