Listening Journal #1: Public Radio (NPR)

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National Public Radio, created in 1970, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization that serves as a national syndicator to 797 public radio station in the US.

National Public Radio, created in 1970, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization that serves as a national syndicator to 797 public radio station in the US.

Listening to 2 features on NPR and critiquing them on these criteria:

  1. Title of the feature
  2. Who produced the feature? (One or more persons)
  3. Length of the feature
  4. Describe the feature.
  5. Was the feature interesting?
  6. Quality of the sound? Use of nat sound.
  7. Quality of the announcer’s voice?
  8. Was the feature too long?  Too short?
  9. Other observations/suggestions (for example, ease of use of the website; also use examples to help illustrate your point(s))

Feature #1

1-      Title: Terrorism Plot Suspects to Appear in Federal Court

2-      Producer(s): By: Dina Temple-Raston

3-      Length: 3:56

4-      Description of feature: It is a news kind of feature where the presenter was interviewing a reporter on the incident of the FBI arrest of 3 men who were suspected to be terrorists and the release of them thereafter.

5-      The feature was interesting for me because of the presenter’s questions that the interviewee herself admitted were good and important. It also gave the important information as directly as possible so there was no way for me to get bored or anything. I got the details of the people and the places where they belong or of which they were planning to attack and the places where they were going to court.

6-      The quality of the sound was amazing. I could hear the 2 announcers very clearly except that in the middle there was a stumble in the recorder. Barely was there any use of NAT sound.

7-      The quality of the announcers’ voices was good. Neither was their voice unbearable nor so good to listen to. It was just fine.

8-      The feature length was suitable for the type of news it was reporting. Not too short and not too long.

9-      I would have suggested using some NAT sound of the arrest may be like the police car sound or the sound of people tumble and fighting the police at the beginning of the feature or some happy sounds at the announcement of the suspects’ release as a transition in the middle of it. I liked the fact that the website gives the thrust of the story written as a lead in for the story.

Feature #2

1-      Title: Coco Chanel: The Orphan who Transformed Fashion

2-      Producer(s): there was about 15 people producing the Morning Edition. By Susan Stamberg

3-      Length: 7:19

4-      Description: It is a feature covering or advancing the screening of a new film telling the story of the legendary fashion designer Chanel. The feature has a character called Fontaine whom the reporter is talking to or quoting. It also has quotes that Chanel said one day.

5-      The feature was very interesting indeed. The presence of this other character kept me following the story, especially with her French accent. Also, the reporter inserted some NAT sound from the movie may be (they were French talks) in the middle of the feature.

6-      The quality of the sound was very good.

7-      So was the quality of the announcers’ voices, both the presenter and the reporter. The other third interviewee’s voice quality was also good.

8-      The feature was a little bit long. It could have been shorter so that it doesn’t give too much of what the movie is going to be like. For me, the film is almost burned. I know the story and eveything. Only if I was interested in the visuals, I’d go see it, but what if I wasn’t?

9-      My suggestion would be introducing the woman talking to the reporter or at least make it clear whether it was a live interview or it was some audio clipping. Introduce her as in her identity, how related she was to the story of the movie.


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