When technology takes over

September 16, 2009 at 12:26 am (Podcasts) (, , , , )

“Oh! Come over here you gotta see this picture of me!”

A sentence that could be said in surprise when a picture or a document is found no matter how awful or awesome the memories they hold are.

I believe that being technologically advanced has taken away from us, as humans. My story will further elaborate what I mean.

My sister and I were tidying up our room the other day. Among all the crap, there was lots of paper piles that we needed to get rid of or find some other use for. Books, novels, notes from her college years that are more than 10 years old. Doha, my sister, was a student majoring in English literature, so plays and novels written by shakespeare were all over the place with her comments and translation of words that were hard for her to understand at the time.

She asked me if I wanted to have a look at them to see if I was any interested, but they were too old for me to read and too dear for her to get rid of.

I was happy to see her having her memories in her hands whenever she got the chance to.

Then she grabs a dust-ridden cramped paper to find that it was her university enrollment document where she had her preferences listed for which college she wanted to go to, depending on her total score. She was too ambitious.

It was the same paper that we filled in electronically a month ago for Shaimaa, my youngest sister. I stared at her document for a little while and then told her “what if shaimaa wanted to see what she had in mind for her college 10 years from now?”

Even if the document is retrievable, it won’t feel the same holding it and seeing how much it has become timeworn or seeing what dust and age have done to it.

I, myself, still feel nostalgic to the days when I used to wait for my dad to bring in a developed film negative of a special occasion to grab the photos in my hand and recall why I had my laugh coming out like that in this picture.

It’s just that flash drives and memory cards have deprived us, or at least me, of such a joy.


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